Yuri Volte Hyuga

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Yuri Volte Hyuga is the main character and primary protagonist of Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

First introduced to the player as the "Rude Hero", he is a Harmonixer, one who possesses the ability to fuse with the souls of monsters he has defeated.

The first game finds him following the directions of a strange voice, which leads him to Manchuria, China, and a train escorting a vulnerable woman, whom he has been instructed to protect.

The second game yields a distraught Yuri following the events of the first. With a World War blazing across Europe, he takes it upon himself to protect the sleepy town of Domremy from the German military. But his true adventure begins after an agent from the Vatican curses him with a sacred artifact, and he becomes embroiled with a sinister organisation who wish to use the war for their own ends.

Born in 1889 to Japanese soldier Jinpachiro Hyuga and Anne, a mysterious Russian woman. Yuri was raised in Katsuragi, Japan until he was three years old, whereupon his family moved to China.

He had a happy childhood, loved his mother, and deeply admired his father, often playfighting with him.