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There are multiple Samurai in both DC and Marvel Universes

  1. Samurai (Toshio Eto) AKA Wind Dragon is the Japanese member of the Superfriends. The first appeared in in feudal Japan after the members of the Justice League were scattered throughout time. This version was an actual samurai named Toshio, giving him some connection to the name. During a battle with Steppenwolf, Toshio was granted elemental abilities by a young sorceress. He battled Superman and Doctor Light before realizing that the time-displaced heroes were his allies, and then worked together with them to defeat Steppenwolf. The two heroes then departed feudal Japan on friendly terms with Toshio. (DC)
  2. Samurai: Champion of Japan and member of the Batmen of Many Nations. He was a member of Batman's Silent Cavalry in the battle at the Gulag. Appears in Kingdom Come, May 1996 (DC)
  3. Samurai Participant in an aerial gladiator tournament in Punisher 2099. (Marvel)
  4. Ishiro Tsuburaya (Samurai) was a member of Mutant Liberation Front, with the same powers as his brother Kamikaze. (Marvel)
  5. Samurai (female) from Savage Dragon #146 - Ladykiller (Image)
  6. Samurai (Bad): He appeared during Brightest Day, where he was seen as a Japanese superhero was driven insane by Alan Scott and the Starheart. Samurai went on a rampage throughout Tokyo before being confronted by members of the Justice League. He was ultimately defeated by Jesse Quick and Congorilla. (DC)