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Rebecca Miyamoto (レベッカ 宮本, Rebekka Miyamoto) from Pani Poni.

Rebecca, also referred to as "Becky" by her class, is the 11-year-old homeroom teacher of class 1-C. In the manga, she was born to an American mother and a Japanese father. In the anime, she was born to an American father and a Japanese mother, although she keeps her mother's last name. After graduating from M.I.T. at the age of ten, she becomes a mathematics teacher at Momotsuki High. Normally lethargic and halfhearted, she dons a cool face to keep her genius reputation. However, when confronted with a frightening or uncomfortable situation, she hides behind a curtain where she whimpers "hau hau (はうはう)".

After she gets permission to create a personal research lab in the school, she finds much to her surprise that students start coming to her with their problems, looking for counseling. Even after discovering what began this turn of events - a sign posted on the door saying to the effect that she was offering counseling - and taking off the sign, students still come back several times in the series for help. Her room is also used as a somewhat "home base" for class 1-C beside their own classroom. In each episode both in the anime and manga, she dons a different outfit which would seem too "cute" for a teacher but usually fits the style of clothing for a girl her age. Often she is displayed as especially childish, such as wearing pajamas designed to make the wearer look like a cat.

Rebecca also displays a very protective side. Examples of this include her confronting the hijacker in the field trip episode, as well as the Matango alien which had possessed Himeko. She seems perfectly willing to lay aside her own safety for the safety of her students. At one point in the manga storyline, she is temporarily dismissed by Momotsuki High and enrolls in the class 5-2 of Momotsuki Third Elementary, where she becomes a close friend with Nozomi Ichijou, Ichijo's younger sister, and Miyabi Inugami, Inugami's younger sister.