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OLIVIA (also known as Olivia Lufkin) is a bilingual artist on the cutting edge, sub-label of avex trax. OLIVIA was born in Okinawa, but has lived in the U.S. for roughly six years. She was scouted from the Okinawa Actors School and was asked to join a eurobeat band called D&D. She accepted, and debuted in 1996 with the single "IN YOUR EYES". The band was semi-successful, and her record label later decided to produce OLIVIA as a solo artist.


  • Name: Olivia Lufkin
  • Stage Name: OLIVIA
  • Birthday: December 9, 1979 (age 40)
  • Birth Place: Okinawa, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Siblings: Caroline Lufkin, Jeff Lufkin
  • Ethnicity: Half-Japanese, Half-American