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Hāfu (ハーフ, "half") is a Japanese language term used to refer to an individual born to one ethnic Japanese and one non-Japanese parent. A loanword from English, the term literally means "half," a reference to the individual's non-Japanese heritage.

On this website we are attempting to catalogue ALL THE HĀFU. If you are interested in helping, please DM @halvsie at Twitter or Instagram.

Things I need to research: How To Be An American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway

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High Level Links

Bill of Rights for People of Mixed Heritage by Maria P. P. Root

About Us

Halvsie's mission is to find "All the Hāfu" and as part of that we are collecting the basic biographies of as many notable hāfu as we can find. This is our wiki, we have a collection of hāfu videos, interviews and links to other articles at our primary homepage and we also host a Social Network for hāfu members at

To help support our efforts, please check out our Japanifornia Shop for Japanese-inspired t-shirts, stickers and other stuff from all of these various collections. Have fun!