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Katherine Mariko Zhang (born 1997), known professionally as Lil Mariko is a Chinese-Japanese-American rapper, songwriter and artist. Her first single "Where's My Juul??" released in 2019 as a collaboration between herself and producer boyfriend Jared Soule (Full Tac), became a viral internet hit with over 23 million views across YouTube and Spotify.

Zhang attended Pratt Institute School of Art in 2015 and later graduated in 2018. Zhang lives in Flatbush, Brooklyn and has been dating producer boyfriend Jared Soule since 2018. Zhang recalls their meeting as Soule direct-messaging her on Instagram after she followed him and asked her to model for him. After initially getting along well, they ended up dating shortly afterward. Zhang is also an avid vaper, and states her favorite flavor is cucumber. Zhang's artistic talent includes; drawing, digital, photography, sketches and sculpting.

Her debut self-titled EP was released in 2021.

Mariko is also an excellent artist. You can see some of her drawings and illustration on Instagram. @mariko.zhang

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