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Leslie Kee (born 5 April 1971) is a Singaporean photographer based in Japan.

Leslie Kee was born on 5 April 1971, in Singapore. His biological parents were never legally married; both parents are Singaporeans his father is a police man and Kee's mother worked at a bar. She got pregnant when she was 23 years old. She raised Kee on her own as a single mother. Kee and his mother lived in a one-room housing estate in Tiong Bahru. They were very poor and have no relatives around to help them up. He attended Bukit Ho Swee East School and Victoria School. In his early education, Kee was reserved and seldom spoke in school. When Kee was 13 years old, a few months before her death, Kee's mother gave him a Minolta camera — it later proved to be Kee's influence in becoming a photographer. Kee took a job at a Japanese electronics factory from 13 years old to 19 years old. After his mandatory conscription in the army for 2 years at 21 years old, Kee saved all his money to relocate his life to Japan, a country which had greatly inspired him since his teenage years.

Recent Exhibitions

  • MODE & MUSE Parco Photo Exhibition (2017 March)
  • SUPER YOHJI YAMAMOTO issue 5(2017 September)
  • YOHJI YAMAMOTO homage Photo Exhibition(2018 September)
  • WE ARE LOVE Photo Exhibition(2018 November)
  • BOOKISH Leica Photo Exhibition(2019 February)