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Kid Kaiju AKA Kei Kawade

Kei Kawade was an avid fan of monsters whose family lived in Atlanta, Georgia. When the Terrigen Cloud swept through town, it activated latent Inhuman genes within Kei who then entered into a cocoon and underwent Terrigenesis, transforming him into a Nuhuman with the ability to summon the monsters he drew.

At first, neither Minouru nor Deanna believed their son had acquired powers, because there were no outward signs, and when Xemnu suddenly destroyed his father Minouru's place of business, the family was forced to relocate to St. Louis, Missouri in order for Minouru to find work. After a second monster attack, his mother Deanna and Minouru began to suspect their son, and commenced moving around the country to avoid attracting attention to the monsters' connection with Kei.

After moving to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, Kei one day drew Fin Fang Foom battling the Hulk, which due to his connection to an interstellar force of destruction, physically manifested the pair in conflict outside his residence.