Hayato Gokudera

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Hayato Gokudera, commonly refered to as Gokudera, is one of the main characters in Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. Known for his loyalty to Tsunayoshi Sawada, he is a rebellious and hot-headed delinquent with a passion for the Mafia and the supernatural creatures.

Hayato is a half-Italian and half-Japanese teenage boy of the average height, a distinguishing feature of Hayato is his long silver hair, oftened being ridiculed by Ryohei Sasagawa for resembling that of an octopus, and his narrow green eyes. His traits in appearance are inherited by his late mother, Lavina.

The most recurring outfit of Hayato is his Namimori Junior High uniform. He wears a black blazer, white formal shirt, blue tie, and gray pants. His attire is almost always accompanied by different types of accessories, such as wristbands and rings.