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Eve Wakamiya (若宮 イヴ, Wakamiya Ivu) is the keyboardist of Pastel*Palettes in the music media franchise BanG Dream!. The franchise features a large ensemble of characters, with its main cast organized into seven all-female bands of five members each. The band Poppin'Party serves as the protagonists of the franchise's anime television series, making their debut in 2015.

Eve is a second-year student at Hanasakigawa, making her the youngest but the tallest member of the band. She is half-Japanese and half-Finnish and grew up in Finland. Eve is fairly easygoing and kind to everyone, loves and is fascinated by Japanese culture, and believes in the way of bushido. Outside of the band, she is a member of Hanasakigawa's flower arrangement, kendo, and tea ceremony clubs. Eve is also a part-time employee at Hazawa Coffee.

Before joining Pastel*Palettes, she was a model at the agency. A classmate of Kasumi's during her first year, Eve quickly befriends Poppin'Party and Hello, Happy World!'s members when they participate in a sakura party. Due to her friendly nature, she struggles with lying when she wishes to impress her Finnish friend Hanne upon her arrival in Japan, and with quelling an argument between Pastel*Palettes fans during a live concert. She eventually overcomes these tribulations with her bandmates and ideals learned from bushido.