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Edwin McClellan (24 October 1925 – 27 April 2009) was a British Japanologist who was an academic—a scholar, teacher, writer, translator and interpreter of Japanese literature and culture.

McClellan was born in Kobe, Japan, in 1925 to a Japanese mother, Teruko Yokobori and British father, an early representative of Lever Brothers in Japan. His mother and older brother died when he was two. McClellan and his father were repatriated to Britain in 1942 aboard the Tatsuta Maru, a passenger liner requisitioned by the Japanese navy (and later torpedoed by a U.S. submarine) to repatriate British nationals from throughout Southeast Asia.

Published work

  • 1969 – Two Japanese Novelists: Soseki and Toson. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. ISBN 978-0-226-55652-9
  • 1985 – Woman in the Crested Kimono : The Life of Shibue Io and Her Family Drawn from Mori Ōgai's 'Shibue Chusai'. New Haven: Yale University Press. ISBN 978-0-300-04618-2


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