Denny Tamaki

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Denny Tamaki (玉城 デニー, Tamaki Denī, born 13 October 1959) is a Japanese politician and current Governor of Okinawa Prefecture. From 2009-18, he was the first Amerasian member of the Japanese House of Representatives.

Tamaki was born in Uruma, Okinawa to an Okinawan waitress and U.S. Marine Corps father who left Okinawa before Tamaki was born. He was born Dennis Tamaki (玉城 デニス, Tamaki Denisu), but changed his legal name to Yasuhiro Tamaki (玉城 康裕, Tamaki Yasuhiro) at 10 years old. "Denny" was a nickname since childhood. Tamaki has never met his father. His mother remained single throughout his youth and destroyed most materials related to his father. Tamaki searched for his father, but was unsuccessful in locating him. Although Tamaki rarely discusses his American background, he describes himself as embodying Okinawa's predicament as a host for US military personnel.

He left to attend a trade school in Tokyo and returned to Okinawa afterward, working as a radio disk jockey for several years.