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  • Polpat Asavaprapha, Thai fashion designer and TV personality (Thai father)[70]
  • Joey "The Anime Man" Bizinger (born 1994), Japanese-Australian YouTuber and voice actor (Australian father)
  • Chen Kenichi (born 1956), Japanese chef known as one of the chefs in Iron Chef (Chinese father of Japanese nationality)
  • Chris Cheng (born 1979), American reality show champion (Chinese-American parent)
  • Salvatore Cuomo (born 1972), Japanese celebrity chef (Italian parent)
  • DJ Heavygrinder, American disk jockey (French-American parent)
  • Tenka Hashimoto (born 1993), Japanese tarento (Chinese parent)
  • Iwa Moto (born 1988), Filipina reality television contestant (Filipina mother)
  • Yuki Kimura (born 1996), Japanese model and tarento (half-Filipino/half-Spanish parent)
  • Christel Masami Takigawa Lardux (born 1977), Japanese television presenter (French parent)
  • LiLiCo (born 1970), Swedish-Japanese personality (Swedish father)
  • Loveli (born 1989), Japanese model and tarento (Filipino parent)
  • Dharshan Munidasa (born 1970), Sri Lankan celebrity chef (Sri Lankan father)
  • David Ono, American news anchor for KABC-TV (Caucasian father)
  • Rebecca "Becky" Rabone (born 1984), Japanese tarento (British parent)
  • Sabrina Sato Rahal (born 1981), Brazilian television presenter (Swiss-Lebanese parent)
  • Akiko Thomson (born 1974), Filipina television host, journalist and swimmer (American father)
  • Anna Umemiya (born 1972), Japanese personality and model (American parent)
  • Shaula Vogue (born 1986), American fashion model and TV personality (European-American father)
  • Yashiki Takajin (1949-2014), Japanese singer and television personality (Zainichi Issei father)
  • Zawachin (born 1992), Japanese personality (Filipina parent)

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