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Notable models and beauty queens.

  • Nicole Abe (born 1993), Japanese gyaru model (Filipina parent)
  • Elena Ashmore, reality show star (Australian father)[38]
  • Nicole Fujita (born 1998), Japanese model and tarento (European New Zealander father)[39]
  • Yo Hitoto (born 1976), Japanese pop singer (Taiwanese parent)
  • Saya Ichikawa (born 1987), Japanese model, tarento, and newscaster (American parent with Cherokee[dubious – discuss] blood)
  • Elaiza Ikeda (born 1996), Japanese model and actress (Spanish Filipina parent)
  • Juliana Imai (born 1985) Brazilian model (Euro-Brazilian mother)
  • Joy (born 1985), Japanese fashion model and TV personality (English parent)
  • Liza Kennedy (born 1989), Japanese fashion model (Scottish-German father)[41]
  • Eimi Kuroda (born 1988), Japanese fashion model (English parent)
  • Maggy (1992), Japanese model and tarento (Scottish Canadian father)
  • Rika Mamiya (born 1992), Japanese fashion model (Filipina parent)
  • Erena Mizusawa (born 1992), Japanese actor and model (Korean parent)
  • Izumi Mori (born 1982), Japanese model and tarento (Italian-American parent)
  • Ayami Nakajo (born 1997), Japanese model (British father)[42]
  • Manami Oku (born 1995), Japanese idol and member of AKB48 (Italian parent)
  • Rina Ōta (born 1988), Japanese model (Russian parent)
  • Kana Oya (born 1987), Brazilian-Japanese model (Brazilian parent)
  • Rola (born 1990), Japanese fashion model and tarento (Bangladeshi parent)
  • Sheila (born 1973), Japanese model (Cuban parent)