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Anastasia (アナスタシア, Anasutashia) is a character in the Idolmaster Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka

Nicknamed "Anya", she is a half-Russian girl. She seems quite similar to Takane, such as her native country not being Japan and her notice of certain small details that other tend to miss. Since she is Russian, she often speaks in Russian accidentally (which is subbed as gibberish), before remembering to switch back to Japanese, though she is not as fluent in Japanese. However, she has no problem in listening to any conversation in Japanese, seemingly able to understand it. She often asks Minami how to say certain things in Japanese or whether she said something correctly or not. She is very talented in singing initially, which lead to her being paired with Minami, who is apparently very hardworking. She is one half of the unit "Love Laika" along with Minami.

Her Cinderella Master single, released on 13 November 2013, charted on the Oricon Singles Chart for six weeks and topped at #13 on 25 November.